NoC® Burglar Bars

We give you peace of mind with clear intruder resistance for your home or business.

The GSS NoC® Security System is manufactured from robust, high quality aluminium and transparent Polycarbonate, making it an intruder resistant barrier which doesn’t obstruct your view or interfere with natural indoor lighting.

The products are rust resistant, maintenance free and easy to clean (only a damp, soft cloth to be used, no need for detergents or other cleaning materials).

Access points exposed to intrusion are secured by Polycarbonate bars mounted in an aluminium frame. 

NoC® | GSS burglar bars can be installed on any metal or wooden window frames.

Polycarbonate component features:

  • Transparency / optical clarity
  • High force deflection and impact strength 
  • 10 years guarantee against fading & ageing

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Our Products


NoC® Burglar Bars

Secure your view with transparent intruder resistant barriers.

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NoC® Security Doors

Open the door to freedom of see-through security.

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NoC® Glaze LoC

Resists the glass being removed from outside the window frame.

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