In October 2008, Mervyn van Eyssen and Marion Raupert founded GSS PE; starting with security laminates only.
The personal experience of feeling imprisoned in our own home with windows and sliding doors barricaded with metal bars and trellis doors inspired Mervyn to design and develop the NoC® security system. With this strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing system we complement the existing product.

NoC® was registered (Reg. No. 2011/00876) and we commenced to manufacture the NoC® Burglar Bars and Sliding Doors towards the end of September 2010.

Several GSS outlets have been set up countrywide, as well as across the border, namely Namibia. Our vision is to make our product available in all areas of South Africa. With the growing crime rate in RSA, it is our mission to contribute to securing residential and commercial premises with a superior product and service.

We offer professional service you can trust and manufacture the NoC® security system with exceptional attention to accuracy, each burglar guard or sliding door is purpose made to our client’s satisfaction.

We are proud of the service we offer, with the motto: “The client should only notice that the bars/doors have been fitted, not that people have been in their home or office to install.”

Our staff are well trained, experienced and all installations are done by or under supervision of management.

Our Products


NoC® Burglar Bars

Secure your view with transparent intruder resistant barriers.

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NoC® Security Doors

Open the door to freedom of see-through security.

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NoC® Glaze LoC

Resists the glass being removed from outside the window frame.

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